Organic unfiltered extra virgin oil Early Harvest in black bottle


Simply unique.

Choices: 3 x 250ml or 2 x 500ml

Wishing to offer an olive oil with the maximum amount of nutrients and all its multiple therapeutic properties, we made the decision to start producing organic green olive oil.

Harvesting the olives takes 10 days, beginning on 10 October and finishing on 20 October, two months before we harvest the rest of our olives. The olives are still green (unripe), do not provide a large production volume, but are richer in vitamins, minerals and polyphenols compared with the ripe olive.

True to our belief in producing Superior Quality Olive Oil, we chose not to wash them using mechanical filters but use the traditional natural method of gravity and removal of foreign matter by changing the tanks. The result is visible in the colour, its taste is distinct and the organoleptic elements are exceptional.

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