Natural green olive oil soap in a handcrafted synthetic pouch


An excellent soap can only be included in unique packages!

Packaging of 4 & 8 soaps of 150gr in synthetic pouches (4x150gr or 8x150gr).

Olive oil soap made of our organic olive oil production, with leaves and extract of lavender herb, and enriched with Aloe Vera, this soap is ideal for all skin types. It has strong disinfectant properties.

Daily use gives the skin a unique softness and makes it look clean and healthy like a baby.

The handcrafted synthetic leather pouch is inspired by the Cretan tradition. The materials are of Greek production and the construction is entirely by us, here in Crete. It has our logo printed on it and is ideal as a gift to friends and relatives.

Our packages are selected from the distinguished website “Packaging of the World”.

Weight 150gr.

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