Our olive oil

It is important for us that our customers receive all the benefits of our olive oil.

Organic extra virgin olive oil


On the sunny plain of Messara, Crete there lies the village of Vasilika Anogeia. It is here that our olive groves lie, and where for the last 40 years we have been producing extra virgin olive oil.


Our devotion to our work and our respect for nature and man led us in 2001 to turn our hand to Organic Farming. The new cultivation methods for Organic Farming, together with the micro-climate and the soil where our olive groves lie, gave to our olive oil its distinct characteristics, particular taste and rich aroma.


What makes it even more unique is the way in which we manage it after its production. We decided not to filter it using the common methods, but to clean it using the method of gravity. This process is the optimum for maintaining all the organoleptic characteristics which are so beneficial to health.

Organic Early Harvest extra virgin olive oil


Our goal

Wishing to offer an olive oil with the maximum amount of nutrients and all its multiple therapeutic properties, we made the decision to start producing organic Early Harvest extra virgin olive oil.


Our methodology

Harvesting the olives takes 10 days, beginning on 10 October and finishing on 20 October, two months before we harvest the rest of our olive trees. The olives are still green (unripe), do not provide a large production volume, but are richer in vitamins, minerals and polyphenols compared with the ripe olive.


Why unfiltered?

True to our belief in producing Superior Quality Olive Oil, we chose not to clean them using mechanical filters but use the traditional natural method of gravity and removal of foreign matter by changing the tanks. The result is visible in the colour, its taste is distinct and the organoleptic elements are exceptional.


Why should you prefer it?

The organic Early Harvest extra virgin olive oil is nutritionally and biologically superior to any other olive oil. Specifically, as scientific studies have shown, green olive oil in comparison with extra virgin olive oil contains a greater concentration of two important elements, oleosin and oleocanthal. Oleosin is a very powerful anti-oxidant, while oleocanthal is attributed to contain anti-inflammatory and neuro-protective properties. It is no coincidence that the father of Medicine, Hippocrates believed it was beneficial in fighting 60 diseases. For example, green olive oil helps to reduce cholesterol and contributes to the proper functioning of the liver. It protects cells from oxidative stress, active oxygen and free radicals, thus functioning as a powerful weapon against cancer, while it can be consumed by those suffering from diabetes and heart disease.

Organic Early Harvest extra virgin olive oil is of such benefit is contributes to a healthy heart!

The sunny plain of Messara is rich in Cretan herbs and aromas

~ Spanakis Olive Groves


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