Spanakis Olive Groves are situated near the village of Vasilika Anogeia at Messara’s valley, producing for the past 40 years premium extra virgin olive oil.
Since 2001 we embraced organic farming with respect for nature. The microclimate and soil of our region, give a special flavor and rich aromas producing a unique Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The harvest

The harvest of our Olive groves is done with care and respect. We patiently wait until the olives are ready for harvest. When the time comes we carefully choose the days that we pick the olives as the moisture can affect the olives when they pile up. Electric-powered tools for harvesting olives especially patented in order not to harm the olives are used with the help of nets and rakes.

Gathering olives is a “Family Business” as it is a great time for the family to work together and the beginning of each year’s production journey.

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